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Training & Development Department

The Services' training requirements fall under the purview of the Training & Development Department. This covers the delivery of the Firefighter Recruitment Program as well as training. This department provides current and pertinent training programs in both technical and other relevant disciplines to guarantee that the employees of the Services are competent and effective.

Since 2019, Fire Commander Toki has served as the department's head for training and development. Late last year, Recruit Hu’akavameiliku #14 ran its 4-month Recruit Training Program from November 2023 and completed in February 2024. This recruit's official title honors the Honorable PM Hu'akavameiliku, the current Minister of Fire and Emergency Services, who played a key role in bringing in our most current recruits to support the growth of the Services and enhance our public performance.  Assisted by Assistant Fire Commander Finau who is the Officer in Charge of the Training and Development Unit and who is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Training & Development Unit to ensure achievement of its unit goals and assisting the Head of Department in the Strategic Planning and Implementation in line with Divisional Plan from Deputy Commissioner.

The Service aims to not only limit training to within the Service such as station training, recruit training and all training needs within the organization, but in the near future it hopes to expand our roles to conduct fully equipped trainings that are being requested from our stakeholders as a preventative tactic to help better prepare the people during times of danger. 

Training and Development Department Staff: 

  • Fire Commander Fetokai Toki (Officer Commanding TDD)
  • Assistant Fire Commander Kelekolio Finau (Officer in Charge TDD) 
  • Fire Officer Michael Tu’itupou (Second in Charge TDD) 
  • Leading Fire Fighter Tevita ‘Ahokava
  • Leading Fire Fighter Haioema Pahulu   

For more information, contact us on 7401060 OR 7401069