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Fire Suppression Department


Formerly known as the Operations Division, the Fire Suppression Department is one of two departments under the Fire and Emergency Division. Led by Fire Commander Tevita Va’enuku since 2016, the Fire Suppression Department caters for the majority of the staff here at the Services. Like any other Fire Service around the world, here are some of the key objectives:

  • To ensure a rapid and effective response to fire incidents and to protect life and property.
  • To provide a well-trained staff and specialised appliances and equipment to suppress fire and, until our Emergency Department is fully equipped, other emergencies.
  • To always maintain a high level of preparedness through ongoing training and resource readiness to respond to emergencies within a minimal timeframe.
  • To put in place a command structure that will ensure effective & efficient response coordination and maintain chain of command within TFES during response and foster international collaboration in capacity building pertaining emergency response coordination and management.

Currently, our Fire Suppression Department is consisted of 6 stations and 1 newly established sub-station. 

  • Fire Station 1 in Longolongo, Tongatapu originally the first station within Tonga and was officially opened by their Late Majesties King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV and Queen Halaevalu Mata’aho  on the 16th July 1982. 
  • Fire Station 2 in Neiafu, Vava’u on Monday 6th July, 1987 His Late Majesty, King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV also officially opened and inspected the latest addition to the new fire station in Vava’u. 
  • Fire Station 3 in Pangai, Ha’apai because there was an urgent need to open up Fire Stations on the other main islands, on the 17 September 2006, Fire Station 3 situated at Pangai, Ha’apai was opened to serve the people of Ha’apai. 
  • Fire Station 4 in Angaha, ‘Eua was also established soon after in 2006. 
  • Fire Station 5 in Lapaha, Tongatapu was established on the 26 November 2007, to cater for the people on the Eastern side of the Island. 
  • Fire Station 6 in Nukunuku, Tongatapu was established on 27 November 2007 to cater for the Western Side of the Island. Both Fire Station 5 and Fire Station 6 Fire Stations were built with the assistance of the Japanese Government. 
  • Sub-Station Ha’asini, was officially opened by Prime Minister Hua’akavameiliku on the 28th of December 2024. With the population on the main island (Tongatapu) increasing, there is a need to erect more fire stations to cope with the heavy demands placed on all stations throughout Tongatapu. 
  • Currently, there are more plans that have been set in motion to establish more sub-stations through out the island and outer islands in an attempt to optimize our service delivery throughout the Kingdom of Tonga. 

Fire Suppression Department: 

  • Fire Commander Tevita Va’enuku (Officer Commanding FSD)
  • Fire Commander Fakaului ‘Ahofono (Officer in Charge Fire Station 2, Vava’u), Assistant Fire Commander Pousima Faiva (Second in Charge)
  • Fire Commander Vili Lolo (Officer in Charge Fire Station 3, Ha’apai), Assistant Fire Commander Ámanaki ‘Esei (Second in Charge) 
  • Fire Commander Owen Tu’ipulotu (Officer in Charge Fire Station 1, Assitant Fire Commander Sione Lavaka Longolongo)
  • Assistant Fire Commander Kaliopasi Hopoi (Officer in Charge Fire Station 6, Nukunuku), Fire Officer Paula Polo (Second in Charge) 
  • Assistant Fire Commander Viliami Tanginoa (Officer in Charge Fire Station 4, ‘Eua), Fire Officer Sekope Paongo (Second in Charge) 
  • Assistant Fire Commander Christopher Baker (Officer in Charge Fire Station 5, Lapaha), Fire Officer Sinele Vaihu (Second in Charge) 
  • Fire Officer Taniela Teumohenga (Sub Officer), Senior Fire Fighter Fekeíla Lautaimi (Second Sub-Officer) 

For Emergencies, call 999 in Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha’apai and Vava’u, in Hahake District (Tongatapu) call 927, in Hihifo District (Tongatapu) call 928.